Consult the chart below to know how to dispose of materials that can not be put in your bin at home:

Type of materialsWaste Management CenterTransfer pointsMunicipal hallsSome shops (hardware stores, coops)Pharmacies, hospital, CLSCPaying/Free
Appliances (washer, dryer, stove…)XXFree
Biomedical materialsXFree
Construction and demolition materialsXXPaying : $ 20/150 ft3
Electronic appliances (computers, telephones, printers…)XXFree
End-of-life vehiclesXFree
Ferrous and non-ferrous metalsXXFree
Fluorescent bulbsXXXFree
Fluorescent light bulbs and mercury lampsXFree
Large waste (non-reusable furniture, mattress, BBQ…)XPaying: $ 20/150 ft3
Oil and used filtersXXFree
Paint and tint in their original containersXXFree
Propane tankXXXFree
Stripper paint remover and glueXXFree
Tires less than 48 inches in size with rimsXXPaying : $ 2,5/tire
Tires over 48 inches in sizeXXPaying: $ 75/tonne
Tires without the rims under 48 inches in sizeXXFree
Trees, branches and grassXXFree
Vehicle batteryXXFree