The Fire Department of the Communauté maritime des Îles has staff and equipment on three sectors of the territory in order to increase its capacity for intervention: Cap-aux-Meules, Grosse-Île and L’Île-du-Havre-Aubert.


Be prepared in case of fire at home, it is possible. If a fire occurs in your home, fire and smoke may trap you in under 3 minutes. Increase your chances of survival with simple and efficient gestures.

Install smoke alarms
Install carbon monoxyde alarms
Prepare a preventive evacuation plan

Install the civic number of your residence, business or institution. The number must be visible from the road or the serving path. The visibility of the civic number can decrease the responding time of emergency services and thus save lives.

Since 2014, the Communauté maritime des Îles equip themselves to be able to perform Search and Rescue in confined environment (dunes, lagoons ...). Indeed, it is essential to have equipment suitable to enhance response capabilities and safety of users of the different environments of the archipelago.

Regularly, the Municipality inspects buildings and residences to help citizens, institutions, businesses and industries to be prepared for a fire.

The open air fires are regulated on the Islands

To reduce the risk of fire and to protect the environment, the Municipality adopted an open air fire by-law.

Grass burning

Grass burning is prohibited on the municipal territory.

Material burning

Construction materials or waste burning are prohibited on the entire territory. Bring your construction materials to the WMC.

Outdoor fires

Outdoor fireplaces and campfires are permitted on private land.
Pay attention to the wind, dig a hole surrounded with stones to isolate the fire and put it out before leaving your land. Never use toxic materials (gasoline, asphalt shingles, plastics ...) in your fires.

Beach fires

Beach fires are allowed on the territory to certain conditions :

  • Fill the fire permit application form at least 48 hours prior to ignition;
  • Pay the cost of the permit ($ 25);
  • Ensure the cleaning of debris around the fire site within 24 hours of the end of the event.

Fire on La Grave

The open air fires are prohibited on the historic site of La Grave, except under certain conditions. Please contact the Urban Planning Department at 418 986-3100 for information on permit and requirements.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter

The Fire Department is made of volunteer firefighters who have the responsibility to fight fires, use the jaws-of-life when needed in car accidents and intervene during any kind of disasters on the territory of Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

If you wish to join a team, consult the criteria to become a volunteer firefighter.

Fire safety cover plan

The Fire safety cover plan from the Agglomération des Îles describes the situation of fire safety in 2009 and aims for prevention and protection goals in order to always maximize the service of municipalities to their citizens.