The waste removal of containers and bins from industries, businesses and institutions is done via a specific collection contract established with the Municipality. To learn more about it or to establish a contract, please contact Josianne Bourgeois at 418 986-3100 or at

How can I get a container or a bin?

The number of bins and containers is defined with the Municipality according to your needs. The costs depend on the volume and frequency of collection. The Municipality provides containers and maintenance.

Please note that they are deadlines for delivery of sorting equipment. The IBI are therefore requested to advise the Municipality of their needs. Please contact Josianne Bourgeois at 418 986-3100 or at

Waste management support service for businesses

The Municipality provides a waste management support service for IBI.

For any tools, advises or help for event organizations, an awareness agent is available to support or advise the IBI in their efforts to improve their sorting. Please contact Jules Richard at 418 986-3100 or at

For any changes and support service for your collection contract, please contact Josianne Bourgeois at 418 986-3100 or at

Destruction of confidential documents

Twice a year, the Municipality coordinates the service of a shredder truck so that IBI may destroy their confidential documents. You may benefit this service at cost value. For more information, please contact Jules Richard at 418 986-3100 or at

The WMC is open for commercial clientele from Monday to Thursday 8 h to 12 h and 13 h to 17 h and on Saturday from 8 h to 12 h and 13 h to 16 h.

Waste Management Center
1300, route 199
Havre-aux-Maisons (Québec) G4T 5B5
Telephone : 418 986-3100, extension 192
Fax: 418 969-4616

Here is the list of accepted materials and the ones free of charge:

Type of materialsFreePaying
Animal, vegetable or cooking oils$ 0,15/litre
Asphalt shingles$ 75/tonne
Compostable materials$ 90/tonne
Construction and demolition materials $ 150/tonne
Electronic appliances (computers, telephones, printers…)X
End-of-life vehiclesX
Ferrous and non-ferrous metalsX
Fluorescent bulbsX
Fluorescent light bulbs and mercury lampsX
Lobster traps$ 100/tonne
Material for disposal$ 150/tonne
Paint and tint in their original containersX
Propane tankX
Recyclable materials$ 100/tonne
Stripper paint remover and glueX
Tires less than 48 inches in size with rims$ 2,5/tire
Tires over 48 inches in size$ 75/tonne
Tires without the rims under 48 inches in sizeX
Trees, branches and grassX
Vehicle batteriesX