Consult the following tree and the recyclable materials list below to find out what can be put in your green bin.

01 Paper and cardboard (if the brown bin is full)
02 Metallic papers (ex. gift-wrap)
03 Milk and juice containers (Tetra Pak)
04 Paper and cardboard with plastic (ex. window envelopes)

05 All bags, wrappings and plastic wraps (Saran WrapMC), cleaned, with or without logo

06 Any plastic object with or without logo
07 Cleaned containers, bottles, wrappings and plastic dishes
08 Cleaned styrofoam food containers
09 Lids and covers on their container
10 Motor oil containers drained with the cap on it

11 Canned food and beverages
12 Aluminum plates and paper
13 Empty and dry paint cans
14 Frozen juice boxes (ideally taking a part)

15 Bottles and jars clear or colored, whole or broken

16 Wood, windows and other construction or demolition materials
17 Non-food styrofoam packaging
18 Electronic appliances
19 Rubber and vinyl
20 Clothes and other textiles
21 Knotted black bags

Tips and tricks

Remember to rinse your containers in order to facilitate the recovery of materials. Unrinsed containers contaminate the rest of materials.

Put all plastic wraps together in a knotted transparent plastic bag, this will prevent them from flying and landing in the environment.

Biodagradable bags are neither recyclable nor compostable and goes in the black bin.

All recyclable materials must be drop loose in the green bin (not in a bag).

Returnable bottles or cans may be brought back to the store or donate to an organization.