How can I get rolling bins?

The Municipalité des Îles provides two free rolling bins for your home: the green bin for recycling and the brown bin for composting. Also, owners must purchase a black bin to dispose of their waste. The Municipality sells them for $ 100. You can purchase them elsewhere, but you have to make sure that they are suitable for the mechanical removal. All bins are numbered, they belong to the Municipality and are linked to corresponding street addresses. Note that the brown and green bins must not be modified by paintings…

How can I get my bin repaired?

The maintenance of the rolling bins is provided by the Municipality (wheels repair, lids, axles…). If the green or brown bin can not be repaired, they will be replaced free of charge. To use this service, please contact us.

Other equipment

The Municipality also sells small kitchen bins of 9 litres for compostable materials. The cost of these bins is $ 9 by unit (taxes included). Note that this bin is free for all new residential constructions.

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To get rolling bins or to get them repaired :